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At CSO Partners we believe in the power of individuals to make a difference. That is why CSO Partners support individuals in matching their interests, motivations, resources, and constraints with the needs of the society. Through our team of experts from multi-disciplinary and multi -sector backgrounds who are committed to enhancing social and development outcomes and large network of credible CSOs that are working on diverse social issues and sectors across the country CSO Partners would be able to help you identify the right and interesting opportunities in social sector.

We could help you

Become a change agent by volunteering
  • Volunteering your time: At CSO Partners we are strong advocates of “Where there is a will there is a way”. It really does not matter even if you could spare time only sporadically; there are many ways you could contribute to the community around it. Opportunities of engagement could range from starting an awareness campaign in your college/ local community/ office to helping at a community event. Depending on your time and comfort level we could provide you with the right volunteering opportunity
  • Volunteering your skill: Your specialized set of skills can actively make a difference to someone’s life. For instance your artistic skills could be use to make promotional material for NGOs/ video films for some NGOs, which could be useful in fund-raising activities. We could help skilled professionals such as you with an opportunity to work on social development projects with rural and semi-urban NGOs across India
I am interested to become a Change Agent

Make a social impact by your funds
CSO Partners with its network of partners would be able to help you contribute funds either as a one-time contribution or on an ongoing basis to a social issue of your choice.
  • Donation: Through an online donation platform we could make giving donations easy while not compromising on the choice of causes, organizations and donation options
  • Investment Services: We could support you by developing personalized investment strategies. This type of grant-making is high-engagement, long-term and focused on scaling organizations from the ground up
  • Social Investment: We could help you invest in social sector by connecting you with borrowers of microcredit. With rangde’s online platform you could now invest in the causes such as education, health, or livelihood
I would like to make a social impact

Develop a innovative solution for a social problem
CSO Partners could support exceptional individuals to enable them to develop as leaders, start up sustainable, high-impact initiatives, and prepare their fledgling organisations for further investment. So if you are a social entrepreneur, we could support you with
  • Seed funding, to pay for critical early start-up costs and to support the entrepreneur as they take their organisation to a sustainable level
  • Hands-on coaching & training, covering business & financial planning, fundraising, legal structures, governance, marketing and HR management
  • High-value connections, linking our entrepreneurs with others like them, mentors, subject-matter experts, and further funders or investor
I want to develop an innovative solution for a social cause

Mentor a social entrepreneur or non-profit board
CSO Partners are in touch with a number of NGOs and social entrepreneurs across India which are espousing several noteworthy causes. You could share your experience, knowledge and wisdom in making them more effective and efficient in their area of work

I want to mentor a social entrepreneur or a non-profit

Be a part of the social sector by being employed in the segment
Through recruitment initiative that specializes in recruitment of paid professionals in the non-profit social development sector, microfinance and CSR in corporate organisation we could help you get engaged in social sector on a more permanent basis.

I want to be a part of the social sector

Shape the fortunes of a non-profit board by being a part of its board
CSO Partners could provide support in placing you in the boards of non-profit organization. This creates an opportunity for you to not only be meaningful engaged with the nonprofits at a strategic and policy level but also gains valuable social insights.

I would like to shape the fortunes of a non-profit

Activities that we could facilitate for you are
  • Identifying appropriate non-profit organizations
  • Conducting induction program
  • Ongoing support
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